Saturday, July 25, 2015

IW360 - Day 19 Friday July 24th

Info: Fridays are supposed to be awesome right? I had one of those days where it may have been better off staying in bed! That's life I guess right? Just have to roll with the punches and not let it all get to you (Luckily I have become a pseudo master of not letting stuff get to me for the most part), plus I can vent in here and you guys have to stay with me...wait come back I was kidding.........

I agree Eddard, I agree

Food Log:

Breakfast: Salmon and broccoli drizzled with Paleo Thai dressing

Lunch: Giant pork loin chop, sauteed spinach with garlic

Dinner:  Leftover zoodles and brocooli drizzled with Paleo Thai dressing
Snack:  Handful of pecans


Revisited the pushup failure exercise I did earlier:

Set 1 : 33
Set 2 : 28
Set 3: 24
Set 4: 19


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