Sunday, July 19, 2015

IronWhole360 - Day 12 Friday July 17th

Info: Whew, sorry for the delay on the updates, my cable modem/wifi router decided to die on me tonight at 10pm and of course there are no stores open that late that sells them! Got a new beefcake one that is about 4 times better and brand new so shouldn't have any more issues, and now my wifi is faster and so is my internet. I think my old one was dying for a while and causing all kind of speed issues. anyways enough of that, lets get to the Paleo shall we?

It's whats for lunch....and dinner......and breakfast the next day and......

Food Log:

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon and an apple

Lunch: Pork chop (no joke this thing was the size of my head), sauteed spinach with garlic

Dinner: After the head sized pork chop I wasn't that hungry so I snacked throughout the night, had a burger patty and a handful of pistachios

Snack:  none


Pushup failure sets: I did pushups until I couldn't do anymore, would rest 60 seconds and go again:

Set 1: 28
Set 2: 22
Set 3: 18
Set 4: 16


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