Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Added  a new recipe section for anyone interested in some easy and awesome Paleo recipes. There is a table in the sidebar that allows you to click what you are looking for and pick it from a drop down list. I have it arranged by Proteins, veggies, and sauces for now. I am sure I will be adding more as I go along so stay tuned!
DAY 10 - Wednesday July 31st

Info: Today I was a little better prepared (I'm learning yay!) I had breakfast muffins ready to go, so was able to eat a Whole30 meal! Love those muffins as they are portable and delicious (Muffins are: eggs, home cured bacon, and broccoli) The real challenge starts tomorrow, I have to fly out to MI for a few days, will have to make sure I am extra careful!

Food Log:

Breakfast: 3 Egg, bacon, broccoli muffins, 1TBS Almond butter

Lunch: huge romaine, chicken, peppers/onions, and guac salad, with no sugar salsa

Dinner: 3 egg muffins, side of extra broccoli, and 2 TBS of Almond butter

Snack: none

Exercise log: Chest, Bi's workout went light with higher reps to get started, don't want to be super sore all weekend!

DAY 9 - Tuesday July 30th

Info: Still high on motivation, I've never had a Whole30, 360 or whatever be this easy to slip in to, I am glad just wondering how bad the challeneges are going to be down the road if the start is being this kind to me!

Food Log:

Breakfast: ground beef and hot sauce - told you I was a horrible planner.......

Lunch: ground beef with organic green beans, and hot sauce

Dinner: bacon and broccoli. The bacon is home cured and has no sugar or garbage in it. Broccoli was organic. I was making bacon/broccoli/egg muffins and got tired of waiting and ate the leftovers lol

Snack: 2TBS of almond butter (Ingredients- Almonds...gotta love pure food!)

Exercise log: None


Weekly Update:

Weight: 213 lbs, Waist Circumference: 44" at the belly button (I am waiting until further along to test BF% again.)


Pounds lost: 12

Inches lost: 3

DAY 8 - Monday July 29th

Info: You guys are right about not eating enough, I have the template, but was out in the middle of nowhere and all I had was apricots and Almonds...better than nothing. I am horrible at planning sometimes so I went with what I had. I am getting better at planning though lol. Also took my stats this AM and was pleasantly surprised, didn't think the numbers would be this different. Gave me a nice boost of motivation for sure!

Weight: 213 lbs, Waist Circumference: 44" at the belly button (I am waiting until further along to test BF% again.)

Food Log:

Breakfast: Sausage and a small amount of lettuce (not enough at all)

Lunch: Taco salad with ground beef and homemade habanero salsa with a large avocado (I eat a lot of the same things until I cook something else in bulk, if you couldn't tell lol)

Dinner: Taco salad with avocado, salsa, and a side of brussels sprouts

Snack: none

Exercise log: Dry fire practice for 30 minutes, and 75 bodyweight squats


*** Also if some of this seems like I am talking to myself....I AM!!! Kidding, I post daily on a forum as well which you can find here Whole 30 Forums if you would like to follow along and see what that community is all about! 
DAY 7 - Sunday July 28th

Info: For some reason today I was wiped out! Took a good 2 or so hour nap, and still feel a bit sluggish. Food has all been good though, and the soda demons have stayed away from me. One thing I plan on doing, even though Whole30 says not to is hop on a scale. I will be weighing in and checking my stats most likely on mondays. I want to track that weekly to see how it fluctuates, so I am going to be bending that Whole30 rule. I am not one that will get discouraged if I lose 5 lbs one week and gain one another week. I have a vast knowledge of nutrition and weight training so I tend to not pay attention to that stuff, but I do definately want to track it this time around.

Food Log:

Breakfast: leftover marinated cilantro/lime steak with habanero salsa - not enough veggies but I wolfed it down before I ran out the door

Lunch: Taco salad with ground beef and homemade habanero salsa

Dinner: Ate dinner out tonight -but I kinda cheated (not on the program!)....we went to Sweet Tomatoes (or Soup Plantation in some states) so I was able to create my oen meal. Had a salad with romaine, iceberg, spinach, red cabbage, onion, mushrooms, black olives, eggs and oil and vinegar dressing. We love eating there because even though there are plenty of cheat options, it is very easy to stay compliant there as well.

Snack: frozen fruit (organic)

Exercise log: More shooting, tested a program we are developing for a new type of shooting competition, more sprinting and jogging, nothing too crazy though.

DAY 6 - Saturday July 27th

Info: today was shooting comp day, which usually afterwards we go to the local tavern that is near the range and have a beer or 5 and shoot the breeze about the match, scores or whatever else is out there. Then we head next door to a place called the burger barn, and stuff ourselves with a 4 patty "challenge" burger and then try to not go comatose on the ride home. Today I knew that would be an issue, so I took pre-emptive action. I car pooled with a guy that I knew doesn't hang around after the matches, so I was forced to just go home. It was tough even when all the other guys were offering to buy beers etc etc, but I stuck to it and took the ride home with the guy I rode out with and all went well. Had to skip lunch because I overlooked that fact when I packed my range bag. I have to mention also I placed 7th overall out of 44th which is NOT good for me, so I will keep working to improve that too! (sorry for the sidetrack there, but it happens as you will see if you follow this blog for any amount of time....wait whats that? a shiny quarter?)

Food Log:

Breakfast: raw almonds and dried apricots (no additives)

Lunch: raw almonds and dried apricots

Dinner: Steak taco salad with lime/cilantro marinated steak, and black olives, with habanero salsa

Snack: frozen fruit (organic)

Exercise log: shooting competition - some sprinting, kneeling, and a LOT of walking around the range

DAY 5 - Friday July 26th

Info: Easiest 1st week of a whole anything ever for me so far. I think the larger challenge of a complete year of this is helping me stay focused.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Taco salad with ground beef, and homemade habanero salsa

Lunch: Taco salad with ground beef, and homemade habanero salsa

Dinner: Sausages, broccoli and organic black olives

Snack: frozen fruit (organic)

Exercise log: none

DAY 4 - Thursday July 25th

Info: Gaining steam on this, makes you feel good to turn down the garbage foods, and helps build momentum. I haven't really had a craving yet on anything, even soda which is a rare one for me!

Food Log:

Breakfast: none- gotta make sure I eat something!

Lunch: Chicken salad with guac, and hot sauce for dressing

Dinner: Taco salad with ground beef, and homemade habanero salsa

Snack: none

Exercise log: None today unless XBOX is exercise lol

DAY 3 - Wed July 24th

Info: Feeling more energy now as well as feeling healthier and slimmer over all, wierd dreams still lol, this time I was swimming in a pool that was filled with chili, and had to eat it or I would drown. I'm pretty sure there is a demon haunting my dreams lol. I am really riding high though on this challenge, thanks for the support as well as the tips as I go along, it truly does help keep me accountable, knowing someone else somewhere is reading this.

Food Log:

Breakfast: none (bad bad was too busy running around)

Lunch: Chipotle Salad, chicken, no rice or beans, add guac

Dinner: Sausages, pickled egg, organic black olives (sea salt and olives, thats it!)

Snack: none

Exercise log: Dry fire practice for 54 minutes (I am a competitive shooter, and do a pretty intense practice routine without live ammunition, works up a nice sweat beleive it or not!)

DAY 2 - Tuesday July 23rd

Info: So far so good, had a wierd dream last night that I was eating the purple bag skittles out of a 5 gallon bucket with a giant spoodle. Yup weird. I don't even like candy all that much, but when I do eat it, its purple bag skittles! I can already feel the effects of not eating garbage. Feel thinner, and tighter around the waist.

Food Log:

Breakfast: burger and broccoli

Lunch: Chipotle Salad, chicken, no rice or beans, add guac

Dinner: sausages, broccoli, 1 pickled egg

Snack: none

Exercise log: none

Well started the Whole 360 today, so far so meh.....

DAY 1 - Monday July 22nd

Starting stats for reference: Weight: 225lbs, BF: 31%, Waist Circumference: 47" (At the belly button)

Slept right through my alarm to go to the gym, not a big deal I guess I can work out later,  but not the positive start I was wanting.

Eating well (haven't had a chance to want to cheat yet) Lean burger patty with a lot of approved hot sauce and green beans for breakfast LOL (I don't like a lot of breakfast foods)

The tought part for me is going to be not drinking soda, unfortunately I love the stuff.

Rest of the day went well, no cheating or anything of the sort!

The caffeine withdrawal headache is really getting annoying though, I know I can have tea and coffee (yuck on the coffee) but I'm trying to cut that back a bit as well.

Lunch: 2 gluten, preservative and sugar free sausages, and green beans

Dinner: 2 pickled eggs (you HAVE to try these), 2 of the same sausages I had for lunch, and broccoli

Day 1: Complete
So just a general summary, I am going to post food logs/exercise diaries, so people can see what I am doing and how I do it. A lot of times it's like this worked great, I followed a program, but there is never any nuts and bolts. So daily I will post what I have eaten, and what I have done for the day.

Once a week on Mondays I will weight and measure, just so I can track my progress.

The rest of the time I may throw a random post in about whatever to keep this fun as well.

Its about to become a PaleoFest up in here!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok now that I have posted myself all over the interwebs, I need to shed some light on what I am doing I guess.

I am eating a Paleo style diet, its called the Whole30 specifically. What it is is a very strict Paleo type nutrition program. I'll break it down quick for you, you eat meats, veggies and fruits. Yep that's it.
Sounds simple enough right? That's until you get in the grocery store and find out that most of what we buy is stuffed, and I mean stuffed with fillers. Sugars, wheat, all kinds of garbage. So shopping for the Whole30 takes a bit of work at first until you get the hang of it. Anyways more on that later....

So what is the Whole30? Please check it out, it will and can change your life! You can find all the info you need here Whole30 Website seriously give it a click and check it out!

So why am I calling what I am doing the Whole360? 

 I am an all or nothing type person, I either need to be "balls to the wall" so to say, or not doing something. I have done 4 Whole30's to date, and always get great results, and then I fall back in to the path of the bad...Del Taco? Yes Please! Pizza? Why not!!!! I need to remain focused, and I need to challenge myself, or I fall in tot he mindset of "this is easy" I can start back up tomorrow, you know after I eat a whole pizza, chug 3 2 liters of soda and eat some ice cream.

So what the Whole360 (or Whole Circle, haven't decided on the name yet) is a year long STRICT nutrition program. I have to follow all the rules of the Whole30 diet for 360 days. But wait that's not a year right? No it isn't. Out of the year I have 5 days to do what I wish as far as food and drink. I want to be able to enjoy holidays and the like.

So officially: I have challenged myself to one year of eating pure and clean, and to change my eating habits. 

As I had mentioned previously I spent 15 years doing damage to my physique, 1 year is not too much to ask of myself. So that's the gist of it, 1 year to reinvent myself, change who I am basically and become a healthier person.

What follows are my thoughts, logs, recipes, stories, and whatever else may drip out of this insane but fun mind of mine. Thanks for reading, and hopefully along the way somewhere I will inspire someone to change themselves as well, we have all heard it before, "but if I can do you, you can definitely do it"

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ok, "It's Go Time" as we say where I work, so here are the lovely "before" pictures of myself.

Stats: Weight: 225lbs, BF: 31%, Waist Circumference: 47" (At the belly button)

So what is prompting me to show my beached whale-ness to the public masses?  The need to change. I used to be healthy and have a decent body, 15 years of laziness has gotten me where I am today, and I needed something drastic to change it. I offer these pictures as a means to motivate myself. What these pictures show is something I can no longer hide under a t-shirt or a jacket. With my shirt off I can no longer pretend that someone can't see what I have let myself become. I will be honest, it's hard to post these pictures for you all to see, but its working...... I am highly motivated and well on my way to a different body and lifestyle.

If you'd like please take the time to comment on anything I post in here, whether it is good bad or indifferent. If you find me a disgusting fat pig, let me know, if you find my results are inspiring let me know that too! This is what fuels my fire to change!

This is one of many posts on my transformation, but I had to start somewhere. The secret is out, and there is only one person that can do anything to change it, and that is myself!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A suggestion...from a friend

A friend suggested I start a blog to track my year long journey, well a commitment really to transform myself into a healthier person. So here it is. I keep a daily running journal at The Whole9 Forums if you are interested in that as well.

SO what will this blog be? I likely will post pictures, recipes, and any adventures I have over the next year here. Troubles, challenges etc will also be found here.

Thanks for coming to check me out, what follows is embarrassing for me, mostly because I let myself get in this bad of shape.....but getting this out in the public keeps my motivated, because now this doesn't just hide under a t shirt or a jacket. It's out there, and its real.