Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 270 - Thursday April 17th

Info:  Estim unit continues to work for me, all I can say is best eBay purchase evarrrr. Went out geocaching this afternoon to occupy the kids for a while, Raegan (9) is getting good at it, she found 2 out of the 3, and I was legitimately looking! Theren (4) of course picks up everything and is sure she found "a geocache" every time LOL. Got some low impact exercise in that way walking around finding treasures. But the back is holding up and I am feeling less and less pain. It would be glorious to get rid of it and feel normal again!

Food Log:


Breakfast: Holland pie, 14 almonds for fat

Lunch: Salmon cakes, romaine salad with OOM/dill relish tartar sauce.

Dinner: Paleo tacos with ground beef, black olives, romaine, and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise: ~1 mile walking or so.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 269 - Wednesday April 16th

Info: Did I mention Salmon Cakes? I did didn't I! Made a ton of em today, because once you start with them, its hard to stop! They are easy to make, but they disappear so fast I had to triple the recipe!

Look at them there, pretty maids all in a row...(What movie is that from? - see answer below)

Food Log:


Breakfast: Holland pie, 14 almonds for fat

Lunch: Salmon cakes, green beans, and home made tartar sauce (OOM and dill relish)

Dinner: Salmon cakes on a bed of romaine with OOM/hotsauce dressing.

Snack: none

Exercise: 20 thrusters at 65# to test out the back - seemed fine! 50 Squats, 50 pushups.


*Answer to question about movie : Tommy Boy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 268 - Tuesday April 15th

Info: Did a paid group study tonight, so dinner was kind of on the fly, little bit of this and that. But the good news is I got paid to give my opinion on TV lol. Also prepped to make some mass salmon cakes tomorrow. I can't handle only making 8 of them, I am going to make a bunch!

Also my new family members are coming along nicely....Jalapenos and Habaneros!

Fresh spicy peppers on the horizon!

Food Log:


Breakfast: Paleo chicken tacos with lettuce and hot sauce, 2 TBS of almond butter for fat.

Lunch: Holland Pie - celery, yellow squash, black olives, and onion (and of course eggs and salsa)

Dinner: Holland pie and 2 slices of sugar free salami, kale chips

Snack: none

Exercise: none


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 267 - Monday April 14th

Info: Got my Kale chip on today! Made 6 bunches of kale chips, hopefully they last a bit longer this time! If you haven't seen the recipe, check it out here: Kale Chips. You will wonder why you haven't been eating these all along! Also bulk cooked sweet potato so I can make more Salmon cakes!

I also worked out today for the first time in a long time. My estim machine is working wonders with the back issues!

Ready to become delicious!

Food Log:


Breakfast: paleo breakfast tacos with egg, chicken and salsa, 14 almonds for fat.

Lunch: Paleo chicken tacos with lettuce and hot sauce, 2 TBS of almond butter for fat.

Dinner: Paleo tostadas with chicken, romaine and salsa. Pistachios for fat.

Snack: none

Exercise: Circuit of 20 pushups, 20 squats, 20 military press, 20 high pulls. x 2


Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 266 - Sunday April 13th

Info: Today was a USPSA match in Boulder. Crappy weather but they have an indoor range, so it was a small 3 stage match. Ended up 4th with a new gun I have never shot before in a competition. Not great, but not as bad as I thought I would do with a completely different set up! I kept forgetting to click the safety off on the draw, so it cost me a bunch of time, and since this is a limited gun you can put your magazines anywhere on your belt...I kept reaching to the wrong spot for reloads, which also cost me a crap load of time! That's why I tested it in this small match though! I think my XDM is mad at me now cause I shot another gun!

Today was also bulk cooking day and resupply day. Got chicken, pork, olive oil mayo and a Holland pie made for the coming week.

 My limited division gun - Tanfoglio Witness Elite Limited chambered in  .40 S&W 

Food Log:


Breakfast: Beef, broccoli, and almonds

Lunch: Paleo chicken tacos with lettuce and hot sauce

Dinner: Chicken taco salad with black olives, salsa and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise: none


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 265 - Saturday April 12th

Info: Realized that I only have 100 days left of my journey. Seems like the timing is coming together on it too, used the estim machine and it is almost like instant relief. Cannot wait to see how it works after several days of treatments. Just in time for the final push in my transformation! Hard to believe I have been at this almost 9 months already! Here's to a strong push to the finish line!

100 days to go!

Food Log:


Breakfast: Chicken sausages, iceberg lettuce and hot sauce

Lunch: Taco salad with seasoned beef, iceberg, onion, black olive and salsa

Dinner: More taco salad.....I cant get enough!!! Same as lunch, but I added some clausen spicy pickle slices on the side

Snack: pistachios

Exercise: none

Day 264 - Friday April 11th

Info: Got my estim unit today! Finally I can start working out the back issues and move on without them! Will let you all know how it goes, I am expecting well, since estim has worked in the past for me!

It's here! Finally some relief!

Food Log:


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with onions, broccoli and salsa

Lunch: Taco salad - not the best, just seasoned beef, iceberg and hot sauce

Dinner: Taco salad with iceberg, black olives, seasoned ground beef, onion, salsa and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise: 40 pushups, 40 squats, stretching.