Monday, September 30, 2013

Utah State IDPA - Results and summary

Let me preface this my saying I'm a competitive son of a bitch. Whew there I said it.

Now that that's over with lets get on to the match.

We left Friday at 7:30am, pretty easy drive all said and done and of course it was with a good group of guys, so it didn't seem like 7 and a half hour drive. We got to the hotel and got situated.

Saturday Am rolls around and it's time to get our shoot on!

We got to the match and it was FREEZING!!! 25 degrees freezing! Luckily Mr. Sun started peeking out about 30 minutes after we got there. Not only was it a beautiful sunrise, it was warm!!

View from one of the Utah IDPA Stages
Also there was a slight delay getting the match started, which allowed it to warm up. By the time we got going the weather was pretty much perfect.

Contrary to the Colorado match our squad got to start on one of the easiest stages for the day, which gave us a bit of a warm up for the rest of the match!

Starting on a relatively easy stage was nice, but little did I know that would bite me in the butt later on when we got to the harder stages, and I was just shooting easy stuff most of the afternoon!

Good thing is I didn't crash and burn on any one stage, I made several smaller mistakes, which of course added up, but it wasn't a giant mistake like I made in Colorado. Overall I was down less penalty points, and had an OK raw time, but not enough to win. I ended up coming in 4th in my class, and 21st overall out of 95 shooters. not my best day, but still respectable! Remember what you read above about me....I AM NOT SATISFIED LOL. I practiced but not enough, I made less mistakes, but still too it's back to the drawing board so to speak, I am making sure I am even more prepared for New Mexico at the end of October!

I would like to say thanks foe the Utah Defensive Pistol Association for putting on a great match, it was challenging and a lot of fun!

Oh and Kudos to two of my shooting teams members; Sean Hickey won Stock Service Pistol Expert, and Mike Morgan won Enhanced Service Pistol Expert! Good job guys, as always it was a pleasure shooting with you!

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