Monday, September 30, 2013

DAY 68 - Friday September 27th

Headed out this morning for Utah, have food all packed so the trip out wouldn't be so bad. Got in to our hotel around 5pm or so, was a pretty easy drive, we hit the mountains at the right time of year for sure. Saw some snow but nothing bad. All went according to plan with the drive, eating and everything else...good start to the trip!

The next few days I wont have any cool pics for you sorry, too much going on out on the road!

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Food Log:

Beef sticks (SF), romaine lettuce,  almonds, dried apples

Lunch: Beef sticks, green beans, black olives

Dinner: Chicken salad with iceberg, romaine, carrots, red cabbage onions and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise log:  32 pushups, 225 squats, 80 leg lifts (day 26 of 30)


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