Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 333 - Thursday June 19th

Info:  Getting ready for some family to come in to town, which equates to running around like crazy and making sure the house is all nice and groomed. You know it has to be all pretty so they can show up and destroy it.....then its OK for the house to be messy haha. Oh I also painted one of our bedrooms in anticipation for a new family member that is scheduled to arrive later this year...

Custom pink with octopi, seahorse, dolphin and turtle stencils....
Food Log:

Breakfast: Steak and cantaloupe

Lunch: Pork tenderloin salad with iceberg lettuce and hot sauce for dressing

Dinner: Another meat stir fry, this time with steak, ground beef and sugar free sausage. Ample amounts of broccoli tossed in as well. 

Snack:  none

Exercise: none - the back re hurt is getting a little better, hope to be able to try and work through it the beginning of next week.


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