Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 313 - Friday May 30th

Info: Today is the eve of the Rocky Mountain 300 USPSA match, and the day that we left town and killed my updates on the Whole360! Although travel usually is lame from a Paleo standpoint, I packed food and when we got in to town there was a local BBQ place across the street from  our hotel that had all gluten free meats! SCORE!!!!

All meats were gluten free, and sauces on the side = perfect Paleo!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Chicken and 3 egg scramble with onion and broccoli

Lunch: Chicken salad with OOM/salsa dressing

Dinner:  Texas style BBQ with turkey, brisket, sausages, and ribs. Little lacking in the veggie department tonight.

Snack:  none

Exercise: 25 pushups, 25 air squats, 25 crunches (hotel room workout - nothing much)


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