Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 323 - Monday June 9th

Info: Tried chicken salad for the first time ever today. it always looked gross to me, but I made my own version and loved it! Works really well with some hot sauce on a big salad too!

Chicken salad deliciousness!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Pork loin and some pineapple. Skipped the veggies after the meat and fruit I was full

Lunch: Chicken salad which I made with hard boiled egg, chicken and OOM on a bed of lettuce, and some organic dried apple chips

Dinner: Same as lunch and some fresh strawberries This stuff was delicious! Never had chicken or egg salad before until today! (added hot sauce this time though)
Snack: 1 oz of almonds

Exercise: none


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