Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 324 - Tuesday June 10th

Info: Well I have officially outgrown what weights I have in my basement and went on a search to find a gym to join. I like CrossFit or at least most of CrossFit, but since I am balling on a budget (a very tiny budget) I can't afford to sign up at a box (CrossFit gym for those of you non CrossFitters) Found out there is an Anytime fitness near my house and went and checked it out. The manager is really cool, and said I could use the bumper plates they have there and do CrossFit type workouts as well so it's kind of a win-win! I can program my own stuff and go workout Anytime (See what they did there - Anytime fitness - anytime. Clever bastards) It's not that expensive at $30 a month and I can grunt and groan and throw stuff if I need to without getting yelled at. Plus I am cancelling cable as soon as the Stanley Cup Finals are over, so just rerouting my $$ into getting Swole! Excited to get started and really kick my transformation in to gear!

On another note, does anyone else still play with their food? The way I do it now is much more sophisticated than when I was say 9 years old, but still... I was chopping up carrots and immediately it reminded me of this:

Logging operation anyone? LOL
I'm not going to lie and tell you that I didn't pretend to be a giant wood chipper as I was eating the carrots ........

Food Log:

Breakfast: wasn't hungry so skipped it!

Lunch: Chicken salad again with iceberg and hot sauce. Also had some fresh strawberries and a handful of almonds

Dinner: Chicken salad and raw veggies - carrots, cauliflower and black olives
Snack:  Fresh strawberries

Exercise: none


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