Thursday, October 31, 2013

The post you 've all been asking for!

Sorry to keep you all waiting so long for this, I had a few issues with posting pics on the site, as well as the batteries dying in my scale, to just flat out not having the time to get this done, BUT alas I finally have it!

Here are the pics side by side of when I started, and the pictures that I took last night. As I posted, I am not completely happy with where I am at, but at least its all been in a positive direction. My biggest issue always has been eating right for extended periods of time, and I feel I have that under control now, which of course is a win!

Anyways on to the pictures and stats!

Weight: 205.8 lbs, Waist Circumference: 42" at the belly button

Pounds lost:19.2 lbs

Inches lost: 5"

Day 100 on left, Day 1 on right

Day 100 on left, Day 1 on right
Day 100 on left, Day 1 on right

And I took 1 extra photo, a bonus if you will for making you all wait this damned long! This one really puts it in to comparison for me, these shorts used to be "suck in my gut so I can button them tight" And as you can see I have plenty of wiggle room now!

( Oh yeah, I almost forgot, a few have asked "What's with the beard?" Well i don't like beards so as a motivator, I am not shaving it until I am below 200lbs! Once I am beardless I will have hit the 25 lbs lost since I have started this Whole360 project, and 33lbs lost since I started Whole30's!)


  1. it's too bad because the beard looks good. Bravo Zulu Kris.

  2. Hah thanks should see it now, it's starting to get unruly!