Thursday, October 10, 2013

DAY 80 - Wednesday October 9th

Info: Day this really is going better than I had expected, I think now that I am used to eating a certain way the cravings for bad stuff just don't come around anymore. I was eating some different foods at the buffet the other night and was really noticing flavor profiles and that the food tasted great without adding a bunch of stuff to it (e.g. I used to douse steak with A-1 steak sauce) don't get me wrong I still LOVE and I stress LOVE hot sauce, but the other things I used to put on my food I don't feel I really need, or more importantly even want anymore!

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Food Log: 

Tuna patty with scallions/parsley, romaine salad, Castlevetrano olives, and hot sauce. 14 almonds.

Lunch: Salad with romaine, iceberg, cabbage, carrots, onions, black olives, egg, broccoli, cashews, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Cup of veggie based French onion soup (no wine, no cheese, no crouton)

Dinner: Steak, mushrooms and onions all sauteed in a reduction of Balsamic vinegar, clarified butter, and garlic. Topped with a little salt and pepper.

Snack: none


Exercise log: T minus 5 days until I begin to work my A** off in the gym and at home!


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