Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DAY 93 - Tuesday October 22nd

This weekend is the final big IDPA pistol competition I am doing this year, it is in New Mexico, and about 7 hours from Denver. That being said food is always a concern on road trips, but this time another friend of mine (Who is doing his 1st sets of Whole30 as we speak) asked if I would cook food for us so we don't have to try to do the travel food stuff. So tonight I started putting together some food for us to take along. I was thinking of ways to combine fats/veggies and figured out there really is not a tastier and easier way than making coleslaw!!! So I made a giant dish of it! we will also be having plenty of meats (SF Sausages, Chicken, Steak, and Cod) Anyways enough babble, I was just excited because this coleslaw tastes VERY similar to KFC's sugar bomb coleslaw, except it doesn't have all the sugar and garbage in it! I think the recipe is soon to follow!

Paleo Slaw

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Food Log: 


Breakfast: SF Sausage, with mustard, celery, and carrots, 14 almonds

Lunch: Chicken breasts, shredded red and green cabbage with carrots, doused in hot sauce, 14 almonds

Dinner: SF spicy sausages, and a giant serving of paleo slaw

Snack: none

Exercise log: I did a few sets of push ups to attempt to make the transition to the gym a little easier. I have decided sore back or not I need to get in to the gym....and the back seems to loosen up a bit when I work out or move around, so I'm saying "Forgeddabouditt" and going for it. It's not going to change much one way or another.


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