Sunday, October 20, 2013

DAY 90 - Saturday October 19th

Today I had to tear apart the front of my house and replace the soffet and some rotted wood, when I was tearing it apart some nasty dust flew all over me, little did I know it would give me one of the worst headaches I have every experienced over the next 2 days! ( I am posting this on Sunday at 3;05pm and I was just able to get out of bed and not want to die) So moral of the story? WEAR A MASK!!!! That was fricking terrible!

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Food Log: 

Pork loin, raw carrots, and 14 pecans for fat

Lunch: Burger patty on a large romaine salad tossed with cayenne OOM, black olives and salsa. All topped with organic dill kosher relish

Dinner:  Beef jerky (sugar free) romaine salad with OOM mayo, black olives.

Snack: none

Exercise log: Hockey - skated last night and got a good work out it, although today the back is a bit more sore, but it was worth it to get on the ice for a while and have some fun. Too bad I'm so rusty from not playing in forever I looked like a newbie out there....ahh well getting old is hell!


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