Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Next360 Take two!

I know a lot of you followed my Whole360 and I thank you! Without your comments, PM's and support I would have likely faltered.

This is the next chapter in my journey, but there are a few tweaks I am making to it overall.

#1 Major focus is going to be on activity and fitness - I have the food part under control, next up fitness!

#2 1-2 meals a month I will be allowing a not-approved item. Something like cheese on a salad or a few beers etc. I will scale this if I feel I cannot handle it. If it gets hard in any way to not cheat after I eat a non approved meal I will just cut it out completely and go super strict like I did last year.

That's it! Stay tuned for more (mis) adventures and fun!

I will also be tracking this on my blog which contains all the recipes I posed in the past (more to come) and the archive of last year if you want to catch up on it! http://www.whole360.blogspot.com

Thanks all again, I really appreciate it!

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