Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day N17 - Wednesday August 20th

Info: Got the pictures all taken for the glory you will soon come to know and love - Zucchini Butter! I will be getting that posted in the next day or so. Trust me on this one for all of you out there that have loads of zucchini (they TAKE over the garden!) and don't know what to do with WILL want to try this!!!!

Zucchini Butter...coming to a Whole360 near you!

Food Log:

Breakfast: 4 eggs scrambled with sauteed olives and onions

Lunch: Steak with Brussels sprouts

Dinner:  Chicken salad with olives, salsa and olive oil mayo

Snack:  none

Exercise:  Walking

Details: 1 foot in front of the other...still...still....still....still...still

Results:  2.15 miles


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