Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day N2 - Tuesday August 5th

Info: Got a TON of bulk foods cooked today so the rest of the week is more simple. Made Holland Pie, Spicy Shredded pork, Vegetable soup, and charred Brussels sprouts. Also created a nice little get back in to it workout which was pretty fun even though I wanted to die halfway through it!

We will be seeing each other more often.....almost like we are dating, but I will beat you with a hammer!!!
Food Log:

Breakfast: Paleo slaw with diced chicken thigh and hot sauce

Lunch: Sub sandwich with roast beef, turkey, and salami all wrapped up in lettuce

Dinner: Chicken thigh with charred Brussels sprouts

Snack: none

Daily Totals: 1656 Calories, 111g Fat, 59g Carbohydrates, 14g Fiber, 17g Sugar, 125g Protein


"Hiking trail to Hell (Building up to Highway to Hell)"

Details: Set up a circuit workout that consisted of:

  • 3 min moderate incline/resistance on the spin bike
  • 10 x pushups
  • 20 x Sledgehammer swings (10 each arm)

x 4 sets for time.

Results:  Came in at 21min 32sec. Wanted to die, but I made it through unbroken (without stopping) Nice workout to build off of for the future. My plan is to be able to do what I am dubbing the Ticket to hell workout which is the same workout on 'roids ( 3mins bike, 10 pushup, 20 sledgehammer swings x 20 sets!)


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