Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day N1 - Monday August 4th

Info: Well well here we are again! This time I'm focused prepared and ready to get after it. Yesterday I inflicted myself to gluten, alcohol, sugar etc you name it, and lots of it. Why you ask? A few reasons. #1 I wanted to get it all out of my system and make sure I wasn't going to blow it like I did last time I started. And the second reason was to make myself feel like crap. Just a friendly reminder of why those foods are not good for you and why I don't need to eat them. Me to self: You're welcome, now get to work!

Here we go again!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Felt so crappy from the carb, junk, sugar overload I couldn't eat breakfast.

Lunch: Chicken breast and Paleo slaw. handful of almonds

Dinner: Big salad with iceberg, chicken breast, black olives, habanero stuffed green olives, a dollop of Paleo slaw for good measure and hot sauce.

Snack: none

Daily Totals: 1124 Calories, 77g Fat, 57g Carbohydrates, 15g Fiber, 31g Sugar, 68g Protein



Details: Since I felt like crap I decided to just walk today and at least get something in.

Results: ~1.7 miles of leisurely stroll, like I said all that garbage food made me feel BAAAD!


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