Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day N5 - Friday August 8th

Info: Got enough over the soreness to have another go at workouts. I've done this workout in the past and found a way to drop a minute on the time, so will definitely have to work on that some!

I also invoked cheat meal #1 of the month tonight....I was craving some wood fired pizza so I had some! it was awesome while I ate it, and then not awesome in the hours afterwards. Even though I am not sensitive or allergic to gluten it will play havoc on your stomach if you pound a bunch of gluten stuffed pizza!

The Gluten was strong with this one (Ranch added for good measure)

Food Log:

Breakfast: Eggs and broccoli

Lunch: Can of wild caught albacore tuna with a chutney of habanero stuffed olives and spicy pickles, whipped with Olive oil mayo and yellow mustard.

Dinner: Pizza and salad

Snack: cantaloupe,

Daily Totals: 2824 Calories, 137g Fat, 210g Carbohydrates, 16g Fiber, 35g Sugar, 165g Protein


21-5-9 Workout - Pushups, Military press at #65lbs, Situps

Details: name of this game was 21 reps of pushups, 65# mil press and situps, then 15 of each then 9 of each.

Results:   I did this in over a minute faster last year before I hurt my back.

Still got it done in 6min 32.33 sec so not too bad, but I definitely want to beat my old time.


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