Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 181 - Saturday January 18th

Info: So I woke up this morning, sore as hell from deep tissue massage, a little chiro work, decompression of my spine, and a new stretching regiment I'm doing...stumbled around a bit, and then decided "I'm gonna step on the scale: The rest is a visual for you all to check out;


Food Log:

Breakfast: Almonds, dried fruit, and no excuse for not having breakfast planned. I was so excited this AM that I completely blew my meal!

Lunch: Mixed greens salad with black olives, salami, and turkey, with oil, vinegar, herb dressing, and 6 baked chicken wings with paleo buffalo sauce

Dinner: 1 piece of baked cod, 1 piece of baked salmon, spinach salad with toasted sesame oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing, almond butter for fat.

Snack: Frozen fruit

Exercise Log: none
Info con't: So after I saw the scale I was so jazzed...because I could get rid of my beard finally!!!! So instead of eating breakfast I got out the clippers and got at removing my face rug!! Took a bit but hey I got it done!!! Now don't freak out, I know I look like an Alien.....I'm not good at selfies!!

I just joined selfie land....crap I forgot duck mouth!


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