Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DAY 163 - Tuesday December 31st

Info: Have been craving spinach salads with that warm bacon dressing that is in no way shape or form Paleo, so I looked up some recipes, and Paleo'd it. Not only was it delicious, it covers everything you need in a meal in one fell swoop! (Protein, Fat, carb and a ton of veggies!) Recipe will be posted for the dressing here shortly under "sauces" in the side bar, the rest is very simple!

Food Log: 

Breakfast: Spinach salad with chicken, onion, mushroom, hard boiled egg, bacon crumbles and warm bacon dressing done Paleo style.

Lunch feast!
Lunch: 3 Paleo-tilla tacos with ground beef, lettuce, and hot sauce. Also a side salad with spinach,onion, kalamata olives and mushrooms with warn bacon dressing.

Dinner: Spinach salad with chicken, onion, mushroom, bacon crumbles, hard boiled egg and warm bacon dressing.

Snack: frozen fruit and a Cherry Pie Lara bar. That was my New Years Eve badness this year..... a Lara bar with dinner, and frozen fruit around 10pm. I know not the best timing for the sugar, but I wanted some, so I had some.

Exercise log: None - Being New Years Eve and all I decided to take a rest day. Had some funky soreness going on with my shins, which was likely from playing hockey the other night, will see what it feels like tomorrow.


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