Monday, January 6, 2014

DAY 168 - Sunday January 5th

Info: Was standing in the bathroom and had to take a "selfie" today, noticed that my abs are coming out to play! I think high school was the last time I actually saw them! I've got a ways to go, but hey progress is progress!

Come out come out wherever you are!

Food Log: 

6 meat chili, because I can.
Breakfast: 3 egg and fresh spinach omelet with onions and kalamata olives. 2 TBS of almond butter for fat

Lunch: Buffalo chicken thighs, raw veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber), and Olives.

Dinner: 6 meat chili, (Steak, ground beef, ground pork, chicken, pork loin, and bacon) spinach salad with OOM/hot sauce dressing.

Snack: none

Exercise log: Tonight's workout was called "Buddy system"  person had to ride 1 mile on the bike while the other cycled though 15 reps each of push press, bench dips, beam jumps (think box jump without the box) and curls.


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