Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 309 -Monday May 26th

Info: First off, Happy Memorial day - and a thank you to those that gave their lives for this country.

 That being said, got together with some friends today and cooked a massive amount of Canino's sugar, gluten, and additive free sausages on the grill...along with some other processed meats (friends aren't Paleo). Also made a huge batch of Paleo Slaw...because what goes better with grilling? It's that season again, and if you want to make a healthy alternative to normal sugar laden coleslaw you have to check out Paleo Slaw! It tastes just like the real thing, is healthy for you, and reports are coming in it will make you a millionaire just by eating it! ok well maybe not the last one, but the rest is true!!

that's a heck of a lot of meat!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Holland pie, pineapple

Lunch: none - was busy running around all over, and wasn't really hungry so just waited for dinner.

Dinner:  Sugar free sausages, Paleo slaw, and some coconut oil friend sweet potato chips

Snack: none

Exercise: none


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