Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 287 - Sunday May 4th

Info: Got my little run circuit in early today, felt like I was running through molasses (hahah Mole asses!) while I was running. Felt slow, but when I made it back to the house, I had trimmed another 20 seconds off my last time! Nice surprise there at the end! legs were sore/tired again but I just went for it anyways. made a new breakfast today too, which I will have to say was awesome! Mixed in a little OOM with some salsa and topped the eggs with it, creamy scrambled eggs....turns out they are glorious and you should definitely try it!

Grilled up bulk Canino's sugar free sausages, and a 5lb batch of Paleo slaw as well, got some delicious healthy food for the coming week!

Who would have thought...creamy scrambled eggs are awesome!

Food Log:

Breakfast:  Creamy egg scramble - 4 eggs, salsa and OOM - never have done this before, will do this again, it was awesome!

Lunch: Not hungry at lunch so just had 2 TBS of Almond butter.

Dinner: Canino's sausage, Paleo Slaw, and raw carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, black olives and a few pickles.
Snack: dried organic apple chips

Exercise: .62 mile run circuit - 5:08 seconds - cut another 20 seconds off my last time!


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