Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hello out there!

I just wanted to stop by since its been a while that I have posted anything on here and let you all know what's going on.

The website is still very much alive and I have some pretty cool plans for it.

  • First order of business is getting this blog all over to Wordpress so I can unleash its true potential
  • The site once transitioned will have recipe cards (that are easily printable), blog, picture galleries and possibly even a community forum
  • I am going to go on another year long journey...I've let myself get away from Paleo and I don't like the results. Stay tuned and come along on the journey.... there may even be some contests and prizes involved!

Thanks for all of you that have read this and follow it, I appreciate it and hope you get some value out of it!


Monday, December 21, 2015

IW360 Day 66 Dec 17th

I'm going to change this up a bit, as I think that's part of the reason I am having such an issue updating this daily. I don't want to keep talking about myself over and over - that was cool the first year. I want to help all of you achieve your goals whether its weight loss, getting better at something, learning something knew....whatever it is. Helping others is what is motivating for me!
So going forward I am going to be adding information about a topic - this may not happen daily, it may even turn in to a few times a week thing, who knows at this point. If you don't like the changes, love the changes whatever it may be, leave me a comment so I know I am doing something right, or wrong!
I will continue on my Whole360 journey, but instead of a meal by meal, workout by workout recap of what I've done, I will simply have the red "Day XX COMPLETE" if I was successful for the day, and if I slipped up I will tell you about it. 
I do still owe the readers of this blog (all 4 of you LOL) a few more recipes, and I will work harder to get those posted!
Thanks for reading!
Whole360 is evolving!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

IW360 Day 48 - 65 November 30th - Dec 16th

I don't like the mass updates, but I also don't like being behind. I also hate that I am highly UN-motivated right now. The sore back has killed my progress in the gym and I am in a holiday funk right now. Need to break out of it and get it together ASAP!

As I posted in my last update - I am looking for topics to cover, so let me know what you want to hear about! Updating my status is fun and all, but I really want to offer information for people that are on their own weight loss journey or something you might enjoy knowing more about.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Sautéed broccoli, snap peas, onion and grass fed ground beef

Lunch: Chicken wings - (unbreaded of course!) and an iceberg wedge salad

Dinner: Smoked oysters, turkey breast, broccoli, and a few olives - odd dinner was more like picking at different thing

Exercise Log:

Back has been good, now I need to find my motivation!


Monday, December 14, 2015

IW360 Day 47 - Monday November 30th

So I am trying to get through these updates and get caught up and realized probably not many of you care about what I do everyday. And I don't blame you! So if thats the case, leave me a comment, tweet etc and let me know whats on your mind! What do you want to read about? What information would be helpful for you? Or just want to hear some views on a certain topic? Let me know and I will post about that. I want to add value and help motivate you guys/gals to succeed, not just talk about myself!

Let me know what you want to talk about!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Egg and broccoli and onion omelet

Lunch: Greek Salad with Shawarma chicken, habanero salsa and baba ganouj

Dinner: Grass fed roast with carrots

Exercise Log:

Getting ready to get back in the gym!


IW360 Day 46 - Sunday November 29th

Gah, I just can't keep up on this, I am going to dedicate some time to getting these caught up so I am actually in the same week with these updates. Sorry all, life loves to keep me busy!

Haha I found this and had to share...maybe I'm not that busy....

Food Log:

Breakfast: Egg and broccoli omelet

Lunch: Chicken salad with hot sauce - lots and lots of hot sauce

Dinner: Leftover turkey with green beans

Exercise Log:

Getting ready to get back in the gym!


Monday, December 7, 2015

IW360 Day 45 - Saturday November 28th

Attempting to update this off the mobile platform so we will see how it goes! If they fixed the issues it used to have it may make these updates a lot easier for me! 

Food Log:

Breakfast: Egg and broccoli omelette

Lunch: Leftover turkey breast cover in hot sauce, some canned green beans

Dinner: Taco salad with chicken beef, salsa, and hot sauce 

Exercise Log:

Progress, stabbing pains are gone, dull ache has appeared. I'll take it!


Friday, December 4, 2015

IW360 Day 44 - Friday November 27th

Wow, miss one day and it snowballs in to a week. I WILL get caught up and try to put more effort towards remembering...I've got kids...that's all the excuse I need!

I've got enough of a challenge keeping myself in line...add 3 kids and....

Food Log:

Breakfast: Eggs and an apple

Lunch: 1/2 Greek salad from FelFel - Romaine, onion, shawarma chicken, baba ganouj, habanero salsa

Dinner: Other half of my lunch salad

Exercise Log:

I tried to work out and the back is still pretty sore, going to give it another week and try again.