Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 296 - Tuesday May 13th

Info: Well much to the chagrin of ladies everywhere, my new girlfriend showed up today. Now usually I'll mess around with a few of my ladies from time to time but this one just plain took my breath away. Sorry ladies she's got my full attention for a while!!!! (All that really means is my competition gun finally is in my hands and I LOVE IT SO FAR!) LOL had to be dramatic though to make it interesting!

I give to you the CZ 75 ACCU Shadow Lite in 9MM

So for those of you that have no interests in firearms sorry but I'm going to gush a bit here in this post about this gun. If you do like guns and competition with them, please read on you will like this!


So what the heck is a CZ 75 ACCU Shadow lite?

Well if you don't know let me learn ya!
It starts as a CZ factory Shadow pistol which is an upgrade over just a standard CZ 75...I won't get into all the upgrades over stock, but here is what my particular gun comes with and why exactly it is so bad ass.

  This gun comes with the following "pimpery"

This is with a 9MM Pistol!!!!
  •  Drop in short disconnector (shortens trigger pull)
  • Hajo competition rear adjustable sight
  • Dawson fiber optic front sight
  • Extended firing pin
  • Lighter firing pin spring (makes trigger light)
  • Custom competition hammer
  • Stainless steel guide rod
  • Tuned trigger (lightens trigger pull)
  • CZC Short reset trigger
  • 13lb main spring (lighter trigger)
  • 11lb recoil spring (lighter trigger)
  • Profiled slide stop (can use many different ammos)
  • Thin custom CZ grips
  • ACCU barrel bushing (makes gun very accurate)

  • ACCU Stainless reverse plug

Now that may all be Greek to you, but what that means is out of the box I can take this gun set up a target at 50 yards and shoot a 3" group with it from a rest. It's a 9MM pistol, they generally can't do that!!! Also with the tuning I get a really smooth roughly 6.5lb double action trigger pull and a 2lb 8oz single action, in other words totally sweet!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Holland pie topped with about 2oz of seasoned ground beef

Lunch: Holland pie with side salad of iceberg lettuce with OOM/hotsauce dressing

Dinner: 4 Paleo tacos with Paleotillas, lettuce, ground beef, salsa and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise: none


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