Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 283 - Wednesday April 30th

Info: I was sore today after the warm up squats and the short circuit (heheh short circuit...remember that movie?) and I slacked for most of the day, then at 10pm I decided i was making myself run the circuit again no matter what. Did 25 body-weight squats to warm up and went out and crushed it. Dropped another 16 seconds on super sore legs!

Fuzzy's Paleo Shredded Chicke Salad

Food Log:

Breakfast: 3 egg, broccoli scramble , 2 TBS almond butter and some dried organic apple chips

Lunch: Fuzzy's taco shredded chicken salad with no cheese or tomato, and habanero hot sauce dressing.- YUM!

Dinner: Chicken and broccoli drizzled with coconut aminos

Snack: none

Exercise: .62 mile run at a 8:54 minute a mile pace, shaved 16 seconds off my time. 25 bodyweight squats for a warm up.


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