Monday, December 23, 2013

DAY 154 - Sunday December 22nd
Info: Well like I had planned, I got my CrossFit on and got after it. About time is all I have to say. Nothing too crazy to start out, but I will be pushing myself pretty hard so that the exercise counts!

Food Log: 

Breakfast: none work up too late, so I had a big lunch

Lunch: Hamburger patty with 3 olive tapinade and OOM, green beans.

Dinner:  Seasoned ground beef salad (romaine) black olives, and OOM/hot sauce dressing, 2 slices of pears.

Snack: none

Exercise log: Ok so got into the workout today, here is what was RX'ed

I must say the 6 or so times I thought I was going to die was well worth it, afterwards I felt good, and finally glad to be back in to working out. Hopefully the back will hold out and this type of activity with strengthen my core and make it a non issue. Oh yeah and my time was 17:42:64.


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