Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DAY 148 - Monday December 16th

Info: Got the urge for some Salmon Cakes again, so I made up a double batch, but this time I used half salmon and half canned tuna. Not by choice, but I started the double batch and then looked at my salmon supply and didn't have enough. They turned out pretty good, no complaints from me!

Crab topped Salmon, on a bed of Paleo slaw...mmmmmm

Food Log: 

Seasoned ground beef, green beans, and almonds. A few pieces of pear.

Lunch: Chicken salad with romaine lettuce, guacamole and habanero/tomatillo salsa

Salmon cakes topped with Paleo seafood salad, on a bed of Paleo Slaw, with hot sauce.

Snack: none

Exercise log: none


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