Sunday, December 15, 2013

DAY 146 - Saturday December 14th

Frank's Red Hot...."I put that Sh** on everything!!
Info: Took a trip to one of my favorite stores today....Restaurant Depot!!! Picked up a whole case of avocado's for $20, and a can of crab claw meat (it was in impulse buy ok???), shredded coleslaw mix, 3 huge jars of various olives,  and a few other things. I was running low on hot sauce so I picked up a gallon of Frank's red know cause I put that sh## on everything!  I love just walking around in there.....where else can you buy a whole goat like its no biggie? Also made up another batch of Paleo Slaw.....I can't get enough of this stuff!

Food Log: 

3 scrambled eggs doused in Frank's Red hot with OOM, carrot and celery sticks

Lunch: Mixed greens salad with seasoned ground beef, OOM/hot sauce dressing and 3 jumbo olives.

When I said jumbo I meant it!

Paleo slaw with seasoned ground beef, and Franks Red hot. 6 Jumbo olives for fat. (A side note here, when I say jumbo olives, I literally mean the biggest olives you have ever seen! I stumbled across them at Restaurant Depot, they are awesome! Great buttery flavor and each one is fun to eat too, they are so big it takes a few bites!

Snack: none

Exercise log: none


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