Thursday, October 15, 2015

IW360 - Reset

As much as I hate to fail at things, I also realize that when you fail is when you learn the most. I once had a boss that was adamant that he "Never failed at anything", which at the time I thought was a pretty cool statement. He had the pedigree to back it up too. Then I realized something later on as I dealt with him more and more....he was just lying to himself, an ego stroke if you will. I realized that if that were a true statement, then he really never was learning anything, or at the best he was learning very little. Trying and failing is where you discover the most about something, yourself, anything really.

Why am I saying all of this? I failed my goal of another year of Whole360. Quite miserably in fact. I hate to admit that, but I also am not going to sugar coat it. Food wise, maintaining this blog, posting content, all of it was a pretty big mess up this time around.

The way I see it is that there are two options:

 #1 I can accept that I failed, learn from the mistakes I made and come back with a vengeance (FYI this is the one I am going with)

#2 I can accept that I failed, continue down the easiest path and get further from my goals.

For those of you that know me, and now for those of you that don't - I am highly competitive. The fact I failed pisses me off more than you can understand, its all I have been thinking about and its not acceptable to me.

So here is whats going to happen. Starting today, NOW in fact, I am resetting my challenge to myself and making another run at it. For those of you that may have came in at a later date, here are the deets:

"Here is what the Whole360 commitment is, although this year I am making it tougher and its getting a new name Iron Whole360!

  • 360 days out of the next year - 100% Paleo eating (Whole30 compliant even, I'm going super strict - it gets me the best results)
  • 5 days out of the next year - I get to eat or drink whatever I want
  • 360 days out of the next year - Exercise of some sort. Gym, Jog, Bike whatever, some form of exercise is required
  • 5 days out of the next year - I get to sit on my ass and do NOTHING" 

I am also going to commit to keeping up to date on this blog, I have LEARNED from my fail that you all help keep me honest and on track. When I slack on the blog I slack on the Whole360.

Sorry I failed, I just wasn't committed and prepared enough. This time around though I have made sure not to make the same mistakes - I've got a 14 week gym plan laid out, I have containers for pre- portioned foods, and I have failure igniting the competitive fire inside me.

Oh and I also have a bunch of recipes for you all to check out.....annnnd I am still looking in to migrating this to WordPress where it can stretch its wings and become a hub in the Paleo world.

Strap in folks its about to get interesting!

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