Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IW360 - Day 77 Saturday Sept 19th

Info: After sitting in our blinds this morning and FREEZING (It was 25 when we got up at 4:30am) until the sun finally came up (we did hear a Moose really close to us though which was awesome!) we decided that during our night hunt we were going to do some stalking (aka walk through the woods instead of sitting around). We hiked all around the meadow and there are signs of Elk everywhere, but no Elk to be seen. My hunting buddy stepped in quick mud and sunk to his knee....after laughing at him hysterically, I helped get him pulled out, snapped an obligatory picture and we continued on. After no luck in our meadow we decided to pack up and head back to camp.....On the way back I spotted 2 Elk running down a hillside and we stopped the truck, I grabbed my bow and jumped out. My buddy started the truck back up and my plan worked perfectly, the engine noise scared the Elk back around towards me where I was hidden in a grove of short pine trees. They were about 30 yards away and I drew back. had the lead Elk in my sights but as I tracked them I kept getting tree tops in the way. Just as they were getting to an opening in my cover they all of the sudden changed course and trotted back in the thick trees. Disappointed I didn't get a shot off, but totally amped up, we headed back to camp to prepare for tomorrows hunt.

Food Log:

Breakfast: None

Lunch: None

Dinner: Brats, beef jerky and almonds.

Exercise: Hiked around our meadow and best we could figure was ~6 miles of total hiking with a ton of elevation change.


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