Thursday, October 22, 2015

IW360 - Day 7 Wednesday October 21st

Info: Man a week has flown by already, doesn't seem like it has been that long as I can remember just struggling to formulate a plan to get motivated to do this again. Maybe if I try to keep it fresh in my mind I won't lose track and fall in to bad habits again.

Also as a note - Whole360 is under construction. I am finally fed up with Blogger as a whole and have made the jump. I secured hosting for through 2018 yesterday and am working on implementing WordPress. Needless to say the Whole360 is getting a MAJOR face lift in the near future. Until I get all that figured out though, the website listed above is not working. In order to get to the blog you can click the link on Twitter, Facebook, or visit at the direct address which is As usual thanks for stopping by, and I think you will all be very happy with the new site when it is done!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon and sausage

Lunch: Moroccan spiced chicken and green beans sautéed in coconut aminos and onion powder

Dinner: Giant salad with mixed greens lettuce, mushrooms and chicken breast. Hot sauce and balsamic vinegar for dressing


Elliptical mountain climb for 10 mins as general warm up

Squats -
  • 10 x 2 sets of 135lbs for warm ups
  • 5 x 3 sets of 155lbs working sets
DeadLift -
  • 10 x 2 sets of 135lbs for warm ups
  • 5 x 3 sets of 155lbs working sets
Bench Press -
  • 10 x 2 sets of 95lbs for warm ups
  • 5 x 3 sets of 115lbs working sets
Weights are way too light at the moment, but I didn't want to get too crazy just starting back out and hurting myself. Each workout increases the weight 10lbs so I will be progressing pretty quickly.


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