Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 218 - Monday February 24th

Info: Well, no pics of anything today, daughter's throat was really swollen, so had to take her to the doctor and then pick up a prescription for her. Poor kid, 1st she has a pumpkin seed lodged in her lung, and now this. Doctor said mild ear infection, and tried to check for strep, but Theren freaked out, so even though the test was negative, she gave her an anti-biotic that can help with both....here's to her getting healthy soon!

Theren with her Valentine's present!

Food Log:



Breakfast: Steak with cauliflower mashed, added some clarified butter for fat (1TBS)

Lunch:  Steak, Paleo slaw, hot sauce and frozen cherries.

Dinner: Steak, Paleo slaw, hot sauce and14 almonds.

Snack: none

Exercise Log: none


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