Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 207 - Thursday February 13th

Info: Of course I put in applications and submitted resumes like a madman today, also found out a project manager job I have been chasing was put on hold for a month or so, so that ones out for the time being. Guy I was talking to was impressed by my repeated follow up calls, and invited me to check back, so that's a good sign. Hopefully I won't be calling him in a month though, because I will have already started something's to starting something else real soon! LOL.

No pictures of food today, BUT I did shoot a video on how to make Olive Oil Mayo for all of you that are hesitating on trying it. It's really easy, and I show you how! That will get posted in the next few days, I didn't realize video editing can take so long!!

I felt this pretty much summed it all up...

Food Log:

Breakfast: What else? Chicken and vegetable soup, 2 TBS of almond butter for fat.

Lunch: 2 sausages, coconut oil  sauteed Brussels sprouts, frozen mango and bluberries.

Dinner: Faux-chos, well really upside down taco salad with sausages as meat, and a pile of lettuce, salsa and hotsauce on top. Dill OOM for fat.

Snack: Frozen mango, peaches, mixed berries

Exercise Log: 100 body weight squats.....gearing up to do a 1,000 squat, 500 pushup and 30 minutes total worth of planks workout.


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