Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 210 - Sunday February 16th

Info: Today was mass grocery day, hit up Costco and stocked up. Bulk cooking is in my near future for sure. Also be on the look out for a post about eating healthy vs fast food/unhealthier alternatives. I have been working on that, and it is about finished.

Food Log:

Olympic Rings Dinner......

Breakfast: 3 eggs, half of a banana and 14 almonds for fat. Botched the veggies in this meal.

Lunch:  Big salad with romaine, iceberg, cabbage, carrots, mushroom, egg, onion, black olives and broccoli. Scrambled eggs for protein.

Dinner: Chicken vegetable soup, Brussels sprouts pan charred with coconut oil, and some organic dried apple chips.

Snack: none

Exercise Log: Stretching and leg exercises for my ongoing back issues. Had to cancel the doctor visits for now until I can secure work just keeping up with what he told me to do.


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