Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 212 - Tuesday February 18th

Info: Ahh Feb 18th....the day where I subjected myself to torture! As I write this....I am sore. No I'm @$%&&@*** Sore!!!! Cool challenge though, I actually had fun trying to do it, which included some random trips to peoples bathrooms to bust out squats or pushups so they didn't think I was an idiot all the sudden hopping up and down in their houses! I of course woke up 4 hours later than planned (I had an alarm set for 5am) and since I stayed up till 3am the night before, THAT wasn't happening. So what I did was add 4hrs to Wed in order to get my full time frame in. Results are posted in the exercise section below!

Got some bulk cooking in again today, made 4lbs of seasoned ground beef, as well as another Holland Pie. I know I have been saying this a while now, but recipe for Holland Pie is being worked on, and will drop here shortly. Seriously if you try any of the recipes on this sight, you HAVE to try this one, it is out of this world, and even better when you eat it cold!!!!

I don't always use 18 eggs to make Holland Pie...wait yes I do!
Holland Pie at it's finest!!!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Eggsaronious - anyone remember that movie? 4oz burger with 1 egg on top, and coconut oil sauteed mushrooms.

Lunch:  Taco salad with romaine, ground beef and dried apple chips. 14 almonds for fat.


Dinner: Lettuce wrapped burritos and tacos, with ground beef, OOM, and hot sauce.

Snack: none

Exercise Log: Challenge was fun, but I came up a bit short. Missed my pushups goal by 53, and my plank goal by 2 minutes. The soreness is really what held me back I think, missing those 4 hours in the morning and adding them at the end, gave me time, but boy it was painful! I'll take it though, got a lot of work in, and its a good sore....gotta....keep....telling...myself...that.....


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