Friday, November 22, 2013

DAY 123 - Thursday November 21st

Info: I was at Costco today and they have jeans on sale, since I only have a few pair that are worth much, I grabbed some. Got a size 36 which is smaller than the 38 I used to wear....and they are still big! I should have gone with the 34. That makes me happy!

After work I came home and mixed up some bulk Paleo slaw...found a stainless pot that I used to make wort for beer in, it is huge and making the 5lb's of slaw was way easier in there than the Tupperware it calls for in my recipe (Paleo Slaw Recipe). So use a huge pot/bowl and this already easy recipe becomes a lot easier!
Giant pot...makes life easier!

Food Log:

Buffalo Chicken soup, spinach, almonds for fat

Dinner mix

Lunch: Chicken salad, with iceberg/carrot/cabbage mix, balsamic and olive oil dressing, almonds for fat

Dinner: Paleo slaw with seasoned ground beef, hot sauce, and kalamata olives

Snack: none

Exercise log:  none


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