Sunday, November 17, 2013

DAY 118 - Saturday November 16th


Info:  Watched the UFC fights at a friends house tonight, great card, great fights, and then the worst decision ever....sorry GSP fans but he lost that fight, Hendricks should by all accounts be the new champ....not sure what those judges were watching, but they obviously didn't see the same fight the rest if the world was watching. Sorry not really related to my transformation, but it's frustrating to see stuff like that happen!

Worst decision ever......


Food Log: 


Breakfast: I called breakfast a mosh pit today... Boiled eggs, almond butter, pineapple, carrots. Not mixed together, just went through the fridge and made a meal piece by piece 

Lunch: angus patty, onion, carrots, mustard, and 14 pecans

Dinner:  taco salad, with romaine, grilled chicken breast, guacamole, green tomatillo salsa, and regular tomato based salsa

Snack: pork rinds! Gluten free, I was excited to find these!

Exercise log: none


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