Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DAY 128- Tuesday November 26th

Well I jumped. CrossFit workout #1 was a success tonight, AND, AND I have video to prove it! The most important thing is, I made it through, and am pumped to keep going! Please be gentle, I know the video isn't the greatest, but I'm balling on a budget here, and I wanted to capture all this stuff and share it with the people that are on the edge of starting or who are just starting out. I will make adjustments and keep getting better.....that's my mantra now, keep getting better! And on the theme of that, not only do you guys get pictures of my dinner tonight, you get video too... let's call it "Dinner and a Movie"

Well isn't this a treat? Dinner and a Movie!!
Food Log: 

Ground beef, bacon pieces, canned spinach, 14 pecans for fat

Lunch: Gound beef with some bacon pieces, broccoli, and pepitas for fat.

Dinner: Iceberg salad (1/2 head of lettuce) carrots, boiled egg, ground beef, Onion and chive OOM/ hotsauce dressing

Snack: none

Exercise log: 21-15-9  Push press with 65 lbs, pushups, and situps (I call it the Turpen, because whats who introduced me to it, but I'm sure it has another name since he got it off the CrossFit website)

Again it's my 1st video, quality will get better, and I maaay even get the whole workout visible next time LOL (Sorry about that)


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