Sunday, November 24, 2013

DAY 125- Saturday November 23rd

Info: Did as little as possible today, literally. It was awesome. I watched some TV, played some video games, and ate my meals. That was about it. The biggest adventure I had was going out to get some dinner. I was trying to rest my back up since last week it had felt great for most of the week, heading in to the weekend it's got me right back (pun intended) where I was. I will definitely be checking out a chiro here soon, this is going on too long and it's no fun. Sorry no pics of food or anything today, I was too lazy.

Actually to tide you over, here is a pic of me wearing an Allosaurus skull....Whaaat?

I "might" be taking this Paleo thing a tad too serious......KCCO!!!

Food Log: 

Breakfast: Baked cod with dill and salt, Paleo slaw, artichokes, and 14 pecans for fat

Lunch: Seasoned ground beef, Paleo Slaw, Almond butter, pineapple

Dinner: Guacamole salad (Avocado, lime juice, salt, lettuce), and a burger patty with lettuce, onion, mustard, and green chile.

Snack: none

Exercise log: none


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