Thursday, November 14, 2013

DAY 115 - Wednesday November 13th


Info: Today I found a local restaurant that has baked chicken wings...pretty excited about that, I checked the recipe, and they are Whole360 compliant too! WIN WIN WIN!!! LOL still will only eat them occasionally, but it's nice to know. Gotta hop back to my back issues, I am going to have to go see a doctor or Chiro here shortly, it doesn't seem to be getting much better (occasionally it feels ok) but it does seem to be more sore. Lately when I stand up after sitting down I get like a sharp stabbing pain and can't put my leg all the way straight or put my foot down. The joys of getting old I guess, but this is getting old for sure.

Food Log: 
I made dinner all pretty....before I inhaled it......


Breakfast: Buffalo chicken soup, green beans, pepitas

Buffalo wings (found local restaurant that has baked chicken wings!), Greek salad with olive oil/herb dressing

Dinner:  Ground Angus patty with onion, guacamole, and mustard, green beans

Snack: Frozen fruit (pineapple, peaches, blueberries)

Exercise log: none



  1. I almost thought your Dinner said "ground anus patty." I was relieved when I re-read it.

    RE: your back problems. Do whatever you can NOT to have surgery. My husband has had 4 major back surgeries and countless procedures and he's still not better. If you can, find a good sports rehab therapist and start there. Strengthen your back and core and see if that helps. Go for natural methods before you do anything invasive. They call it back surgery because you'll be back!!!

  2. Hopefully its not a surgery type injury, I'd be the last person that would agree to surgery anyways LOL And yeah no ground anus for me....well actually who really knows what all is in ground beef......