Monday, November 18, 2013

DAY 119 - Sunday November 17th


Info: Today started out with a good plan for breakfast and lunch.....I stress started out that way... I was teaching a class today, and went in early to get breakfast at the grocery store, and then was going to eat that for breakfast/lunch, when I got on site, the class wasn't set up so we kind of had to scramble to get it ready, there went the "go get breakfast time" once the day got rolling, the class didn't really allow much time (or any) for lunch, so that rolled by the wayside too. I know from now on to just make sure I pack my foods so that way I have a backup plan when something doesn't work out right. (Wait isn't that ALWAYS when something doesn't work out right?)

A bit big, but soo worth it!
Food Log: 


Breakfast: none

Lunch: none

Dinner:  Ultimate burger version 2: 1lb burger patty, with black olive/kalamata olive/artichoke heart tapinade-ish relish, romaine lettuce, and mustard. It likely was a little too large.....but considering the above I made an exception!

Snack: none

Exercise log: none


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