Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 277 - Thursday April 24th

Info:Ahhh now we are on a roll, updates flyin' at ya, perfect weather outside the last few days, what else could there be? Oh yeah jobs, jobs would be nice......well I got a few opportunities on the horizon finally! Yay!

On another note, I realized I had never read Mark Sisson' Primal Blueprint book, so I requested it at the library and picked it up the other day. I must say so far it is a great read, so if you are curious about Paleo and the Primal lifestyle, check it out! Also Mark has a great website dedicated to being primal at stuff there too! I spend a lot of time (ok like HOURS AND HOURS) reading through the site!

Read it....and learn!

Food Log:


Breakfast: 3 egg scramble with mushroom, broccoli and arthichoke. (all sauteed in coconut oil)

Lunch: Desperation salad - I call it this because I was out of everything except little bits of this and that, so I tossed them all together!  Iceberg, romaine, black olive, broccoli, artichoke, smoked oyster, sf salami, and not so soy vinaigrette.

Dinner: Mushroom sandwiches - Mushrooms stuffed with a piece of SF salami, dab of Olive oil mayo, and spicy brown mustard. these were very fast to make and very delicious!

Snack: none

Exercise: Took it easy today, did some walking and light stretching.


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