Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 261 - Tuesday April 8th

Info: Had to go get some new shorts today because all the ones I have look like I'm wearing a tarp. Tried on 36's and they were too big! 34's fit my waist, but I've got some big ol honkin legs from playing hockey for so long, so they are a bit tight in the leg, but they will work. Anyone know if you can get 34 waist with a 36 leg?

I also had realized that Salmon Cakes have been missing from my life since last I remedied that right away! These things are soooooooooo good!

Food Log:


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, steak and salsa

Lunch:romaine salad with carrots, last of the steak, green olives, and not so soy dressing.

Dinner: Salmon cakes, romaine salad, OOM/Salsa dressing

Snack: none

Exercise: none - was lazy today. No excuse other than lazy


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