Monday, March 17, 2014

New Contest : Enter to win!!!

Whole360 has just opened their 2nd giveaway!

Whats at stake: $25 cash and a copy of Paleo Diet for Athletes!

I decided to change this contest up a bit, I am going in to have my Body fat % tested and thought, it would be cool to have you guys guess what my BF% is for the contest! Below is a picture taken of me 1 day before the BF% test.

Whats your guess?

Send a quick email with your guess to with the following info:

Email address:
What your guess is at my BF%: 


Like this picture on Facebook and comment with your guess! ( )

(Email is so I can contact the winner, and you don't have to publicly post your email!)

Entries will be accepted until 3/29/14. If there happens to be a tie, winner will be chosen by who sent the correct answer in first!

Good luck folks, and thanks for reading the Whole360!!!

Enter to win CASH and a book!

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