Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 222 - Friday February 28th

Info: Fun day today, picked up an old, and I mean OLD 1800's flintlock rifle in a trade, kinda cool to see a really old school firearm like that, Then from there Theren (my youngest daughter) and I went to the park to get our play on. After running around for an hour or so, (it was nice during the afternoon today) I pulled out the Iphone and got on to see what was in the area. If you don't know what Geocaching is, oh boy let me enlighten you - basically people hide little things to find (Geocaches) and give you a GPS location and a hint. Then you have to find the hidden item. it could be large, small, in plain view, hidden very cleverly etc. Point is, its all hidden right under muggles noses (that's what we call people that don't know about Geocaching) and your challenge is to find it without getting caught! Usually there is a log inside that you sign with the date and your Geocaching user name, then you place it back for someone else to find! We found a trackable yesterday which is an item with a serial number that people place in Geocaches, and it makes its way around the world. The one we found has traveled over 19,000 miles, and originated in British Columbia Canada. Pretty cool if you ask me. Plus if you know anything about me I am literally INFATUATED with finding treasure, so Geocaching is like crack to me! LOL. Anyways on with the rest of the show, just wanted to share Geocaching with you guys, it's mostly free to do (if you want a membership for premium features its only $30 a cheapest hobby by far.....) and its a lot of fun. Check it out, or post your questions below, and lets go 'Caching!!! Oh yeah if you already are a Geocacher, leave a comment with your name below or your favorite caches and share the fun!

Geo coin we found today!

Food Log:

Jerk Chicken wonderful is what I like to call this.
Breakfast: Holland pie with habanero sauce, 2 TBS almond butter

Lunch: Holland pie with habanero sauce, iceberg, carrot, and cabbage salad with OOM dressing.

Dinner:  Jerk chicken salad with OOM/salsa/hotsauce dressing. Iceberg, cabbage, carrot mix for the veggies.

Snack: none

Exercise Log: 25 pushups, and stretching for my back (which by the way doesn't hurt as bad, I just get twinges here and there now instead of constant pain)


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