Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 223 - Saturday March 1st

Info: Had planned on some more geocaching today, but the good old weather decided to be cold and to snow on us again. Anyone else sick of winter yet? I'm excited for spring too, because that means farmers markets, fresh fruits and produce, and a lot more available organic foods to eat!!

Crud I almost forgot, as of today we are over 10,000 page views!!!! I've got another contest coming for free stuff when we hit 15,000....how fast can we get there???

Food Log:

Jerk Chicken guacamole salad!

Breakfast: Holland pie with habanero sauce, 2 TBS almond butter

Lunch: Jerk chicken salad with OOM/salsa/hotsauce dressing.

Dinner:  Jerk chicken salad with guacamole Got a little crazy this time and used romaine lettuce!

Snack: none

Exercise Log: 100 pushups, stretching, and 3 minutes of planks.


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