Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 235 - Thursday March 13th

Info: Did I mention the F1 season starts this weekend? Cause if not, I just wanted to let you all know that he F1 season starts this weekend!!! Welcome to a new exciting era of the best racing on the planet!!! Can't wait!

Can Vettel win 5 championships in a row? How will the V6 turbo cars do? Lots excitement to come!!!!

OK now on to the foodstuffs and transformation!

I did an estimate on my body fat % using several measurements etc, and it came out to be 29%. Now I'm no doctor, but I am pretty sure you can't see your abs with 29% body fat. I have a voucher to get a bod pod test done, so I really need to get in to check it out, because I KNOW (at least I feel like I know) that I am under 29% body fat now.

Food Log:

Nice for a completely last minute meal!
Breakfast: Holland pie, 6 kalamata olives, and some organic apple chips.

Lunch: Jerk chicken salad (romaine) with OOM and hot sauce dressing.

Dinner:  Made a giant pile of sauteed mushrooms, added a little ground beef, a TBS of OOM and hot sauce, mixed it all up, and it tasted wonderfully like stroganoff! Added some coconut oil charred Brussels sprouts along with it.

Snack: none

Exercise Log:  none


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