Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 240 - Tuesday March 18th

Info: Kicked out some more Kale Chips today, bulk style so they hopefully will stick around longer than 10 minutes this time....I don't know though, I think I have eaten half of them already lol! I need to find a bulk source of kale and just keep the oven rocking....... Good thing they are quick and easy to make, and super healthy for you!

Looking back so far, can't believe it's day 240 already. I remember when I started this, it seemed like it was going to be so hard to stick to and that I had no chance of doing this (all we know is what we have learned in the past right? And my past was filled with dietary fails), now I am 40lbs lighter, a hell of a lot healthier and super motivated to continue on! Even though life keeps messing with me (job, sore back, sore ankle) nothing has deterred me so far. Part of it is because I made that DECISION to change, and to accept nothing less, I decided to stop being lazy and making excuses and face the music so to speak. The other part is everyone that has stopped by to read this, offer support, ask questions etc. I can truly say without putting this out there for all to see, and you guys reading this, commenting, etc I would have failed. Even just a quick page read shows that someone out there is watching, and that makes all the difference in the world. Thank you all, I truly appreciate it!

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Awaiting their turn to become glorious.....Kale chips in the making.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Last of the Holland pie (time to make more!), Paleo slaw, and of course hot sauce.

Lunch: Last of the jerk chicken mixed with Paleo slaw, and of course more hot sauce... and 3/4 cup of organic frozen dark cherries.

Dinner:  Last of the seasoned ground beef, mixed with Paleo slaw, 1 TBS of almond butter, and do I need to even say it? Hot sauce.

Snack: none

Exercise Log:  Dry fire pistol practice, 100 pushups, 100 air squats, stretching


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